Golden Moon Media, filmmaker

Listen to this post:

Cynthia Lopez of Golden Moon Media and I have worked together for many years. She was my boss at Portland State University when we studied literacy and lifelong learning. Then she was my coworker when we studied how older adults in assisted living facilities feel about where they live. And now she is my most cherished friend and amazing filmmaker. Cynthia filmed and edited my first two short comedy films. Now she will head up “The Art of Brain Injury.”

I can’t say it better than she can. So here is what she does through film in her own words:

“My job is observing, listening to, and documenting stories. I construct meaningful narratives based on what I see and hear.

Golden Moon Media services include all stages of video production and DVD authoring.  From documentaries to wellness DVDs to creative promotional videos, I work with people who want to show the world who they are and what they do.”

And she really does that. With years of experience with personal narratives, oral histories, and documentary, she is my ideal filmmaker.