Kris Haas, abstract painter

Listen to this post:

Here is a mini-feature on one featured artist in my film, Kris Haas.

View nine of her bodies of fine art here:

Check out some of her work for sale here: and in her Social Shop on Facebook

Kris is in the process of putting together an online community-based fundraising campaign through United States Artists! I’ll let you know when that is up and running.

Kris and her art and friendship are extremely important to me. Because of the severity of Kris’s brain injury, she is not able to be outside her home as much as she wants. So not as many people have seen her art as should. Some days Kris can paint and draw for a couple hours, sometimes for only a few minutes at a time. Featuring her in my film is my way of showing people some of the challenges she faces every day from brain injury, supporting her to reach a larger audience, and thanking her.

So have a look at Kris’s work. She is one piece of the larger picture this film will paint. And of course, in the film, I will show her painting!