Visual artist Jeffery Black’s new website

Listen to this post:

Jeffery Black is one of the artists who will be featured in this film. He has some great news about his artistic endeavors at the moment.

#1 Jeff has won awards in the Au Naturel art show in the past. This is an international juried art competition here in Oregon. He recently submitted a slew of pieces for the current competition. We’re excited to hear in December how many of his pieces will be accepted in the upcoming show.

#2 Jeff’s new website just went live today!

The website contain galleries of his different bodies of work as well as links to information about traumatic brain injury and to others who have TBI.

Here is the description of his artistic style on his Homepage: “A minimal reveal of light and line…made complete in the mind of the beholder.”

I could not think of a better way to describe his gorgeous pen and ink work. He composes works where the lines seldom meet, yet your mind fills in the gaps. Because you are filling in some of the lines yourself as you look, I think every viewer sees his work in a unique way.

Do visit when you have the chance! And stay tuned. He will be designing an original work for the new Homepage of BIRRDsong (Brain-injury Information Referral and Resource Development).