Time for a Haas Pause

Listen to this post:

We had our first interview with visual artist Kris Haas today. It was such a delight. In case you aren’t familiar with her last name, the last sound is a “z,” not an “s.”

Not surprisingly, I can’t remember most of what we talked about. One thing that does stand out is something Kris said about taking pause. Pauses are so wonderful: stop to regroup, take a deep breath, reflect on what you just did or are about to do or are doing right then. I thought a perfect pause might be to lie on Kris’s sofa next to her cat, Alexis. You know, maybe take a minute to pet her…paws.

So our film crew is now very excited to institute the Haas Pause when we need to slow down and take time to get things just right. I would encourage everyone to try it now and then. I do believe that it’s in the pause when we might have some of our very good, unexpected ideas. It’s kind of like when you’re trying so hard for such a long time to remember the name of that one guy who was in that one film you saw that one time. Who was it? What was that guy’s name? Hours later, when you have long since stopped working so hard to think of it, there it is. The pause is what brought it to the surface. The pause is free of judgment and criticism; it’s just simply a pause.

Take your Haas Pause today and let me know what happens. Or better yet, what didn’t happen!