This film has a new name!

Listen to this post:

After much musing, wondering, discussing, and fretting, we have finally renamed our film!

“Who Am I To Stop It” is the new name, and is the new URL for this blog.

But why? Why did you change it?

Frankly, the working title “The Art of Brain Injury” was not enticing enough. It didn’t ring. I sort of liked that its initials (ABI) also stand for “acquired brain injury,” of which I have many. But it seemed a little clinical and dry. Sure, the film focuses on the art of people with brain injury as well as the art of living with brain injury. That doesn’t mean we have to call the film that, though. (Thank you Co-Producer Cynthia for pointing that out very artfully!)

I started this film idea because I was moved by Kris Haas’s art and then started seeing the art that other friends with brain injury make.

As we had more producers meetings and interviews, it became quite clear that it’s more about the creative force, the drive to create, and the process of creating that I am most curious about. So who am I to stop the direction my curiosity is taking?

More importantly: who are any of us to stop our own creativity, as Kris recently asked the film crew? And she was not being rhetorical.

Just like we were not able to stop the force of our brains against our skulls in the impact, I am finding in these interviews people who do not stop their creativity and drive to thrive.

More to come on this blog. I mean, who am I to stop blogging about this?

New logo coming in a couple months!