Why are you making this documentary…again?

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Recently, I deleted the first post from this site where I explained what this film is and why I’m making it. I have no good reason why I deleted it. I think I was confused. Tyler Presnell just said he would be thrilled to contribute his poetry to the blog. He was super enthusiastic even though he didn’t know what this film was all about. Oops! Sorry about that Tyler. Thank you for being so generous about participating!

So here is that very first post again with some tiny adjustments. 🙂
Thanks to very generous donations from the community, my new documentary film was funded on September 20th, 2012. We raised enough money to recruit artists with brain injuries, film their first interviews, and set up and film exhibitions and performances of their work. This was a wonderful community effort.

The provisional title was “The Art of Brain Injury.” That sounded a little somber, so it is now “Who Am I To Stop It.” Still haven’t decided if there’s going to be a question mark in there or not!

Peach-colored sketch of a brain in the shape of a heart by Lauren Newey
Here’s what you can find on this blog:

  • Updates about progress on the film
  • Posts, visual arts, and links to work by artists with brain injury
  • Links to sites and information about disability arts
  • Discussions

And below  is an excerpt the film that I used to raise funds. It explains my ideas for the film and why I hope to make it.

Click here to watch the clip.

I keep embedding the clip on this site, and it keeps disappearing!