Behind the scenes sneak peek 2

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A small palette knife held above white paper. On the paper are swirls, streaks, and blobs of bright cobalt, red, and yellow paint.

Kris gave me paper, paint, tools and a pep talk before I started making this painting in her studio. If I’ve painted before this, I certainly don’t remember. But that’s not saying much.

Kris Haas watches in her studio as Cheryl Green dabs an abstract painting with a small square of paper covered in spilled red paint.

Kris looks on approvingly as I turn a paint spill on this small paper into a new kind of paintbrush. Thank goodness for improvising. (Actually, I had some silly belief that I couldn’t throw away a wet piece of paper, so I obsessed over using up the paint.)

White paper with squirts and dots of red, yellow, and brown paint, and black ink.

I was thrilled that Kris gave us a demonstration of how she works. Her piece starts out simply enough. (And it looks a lot like my finished piece above!)

Kris Haas's hands holding a palette knife, scraping it along the paint to create a fan-like circle.

She’s making a sphere, my favorite of all her styles.

A white paper with red, yellow, brown, and black painted swirling spheres.

Voila. Not quite finished but very much transformed!