Guest Blogger: Tyler Presnell–Don’t judge

“We Wont quit
Misunderstood judged and limp

If the

Wrong side of our mind is hit

Loneliness can be a killer

If the time we spend

Hatin our own image and the line is thin

That we walk on every day

Society causes pain

I wanna be normal

But see the problem these days

No respect for another

Should be valued the same

They say

Wont ever get it brain don’t work like mine

But really

We’re pretty smart and if you took the time

To understand us

See a genius locked inside

Screamin let me out

Not like you blocked from pride

And if we fail today

Then tomorrow we try

We’re survivors for a reason

We ain’t hallow inside

Its time

Us TBI all stand today

And though

It may be hurt at least we have a brain

They judge us for bein different

But aint no one the same”–Tyler Presnell 01/13