Spotlight on Disability Film Festivals ReelAbilities: Houston Disabilities Film Festival 2013

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ReelAbilities film festival started in New York in 2007. Their films are by and about people with disabilities that explore, discuss and celebrate the diversity of our shared human experience. Films are shown in various locations throughout the city. And it has moved beyond the borders of New York City!

ReelAbilities Disabilities Film Festival Houston logo
This year Houston, Texas is joining in the ReelAbilities festival, hosting a week long, city-wide film and visual arts festival February 6th – 13th. It includes award-winning films in many languages and genres. They are shown with the goal of changing perceptions about individuals with disabilities and creating a more inclusive community by lowering stigma associated with disabilities. This year, my beloved VSA Texas is a collaborating partner on the project. To find out more, go to

In case you wonder why I’m focusing on Texas festivals right now, well, I don’t have an Oregon disability film festival to highlight. Also, as a native Texan myself, my thoughts turn to that nearly tropical place a lot this time of  year. Portland, OR in February. Need I say more?

If you’re new to the Disability arts, a festival like this is an awesome place to get started. And if you’re already a huge fan like I am, this festival is an awesome place to get even more fantastic art!

I’ll keep this Spotlight series going. If a festival is coming up soon, and I’ve missed it, drop me a line here and let me know so I can get it online.

Also, if your film has been screened in a Disability film festival, or you have seen films at one, share a comment below about the experience!