Big fun news

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For anyone out there who’s ever made something, seen something made, or wanted to know how something is made, I can tell you there’s one thing always at play: resources.

Hollywood Theatre logo, "Portland's Historic Nonprofit Theatre"Just this week Portland’s Hollywood Theatre accepted our documentary in their fiscal sponsorship program.  That’s a partnership where we can seek funding available to non-profits without becoming a non-profit ourselves. So we can apply for (and get!) grants and get tax-deductible donations through the Hollywood’s umbrella.

This is great news as we look for more resources. We love that the Hollywood feels our film supports their mission “to entertain, inspire, educate and connect the community through the art of film, while preserving a historic Portland landmark.”

Thank you to everyone who has supported “Who Am I To Stop It” with your donations already, your contributions to the blog, and reading and sharing these posts. We are so grateful. You’re supporting locally made film. When you get a hankering for watching something on the silver screen, keep the Hollywood Theatre in mind. They’re a non-profit, and they host awesome films and series as well as provide education and training in film.