Meet the documentary team: Paulius Kontijevas

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I guess I start by introducing myself. My name is Paulius Kontijevas, I’m the Director of Photography and the camera operator for the film that the talented Cheryl Green and Cynthia Lopez are making.

Paulius Kontijevas stands with his video camera surrounded by Indian cast and crew of a film. My true passion has always been documentary filmmaking and although I get involved in various types of cinematography, there’s just something about telling a story that already is, or, from what I’ve learned: the story that we will find.

We’re off to a journey to discover passions of people, to observe and experience their life. Cheryl has a great point that she reiterates, “We are here to tell a story of a journey of each of our subjects, and not to create some sort of a sad film that makes the brain injured look like they’re any less, because they’re not”.

I’m relatively new the brain injury world and learning a ton, so I don’t have much to say about the subject yet. One thing I told Cheryl and Cynthia when they interviewed me for the job (which may be one of the reasons I got the job) was that I absolutely love looking at and investigating people. I love studying peoples faces, their posture, their ways of expression and above all, their minds. There aren’t very many occupations where you get to do that. To conclude I believe that once our film’s journey is over I’ll have much more to reflect upon and talk about in the particular field of persons with brain injuries.