Featured Oral History Project on Disability Activism: It’s Our Story

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It’s pretty hard to come across first-hand stories of disability and disability history in the media. So I was super excited to find the online, interactive oral history project called “It’s Our Story: Answers From America’s Disability Activists” at www.itsourstory.org.

It’s Our Story is a digital archive of more than 1,000 interviews and transcripts that help make disability history public and accessible. Click on the DISaBUZZ link for clips and PSAs and contemporary comedies like the UK’s “I’m Spazticus.”

Check out YouTube oral history playlists at www.youtube.com/user/ItsOurStoryProject.

The disability rights advocacy and activism in these oral histories was the groundbreaking work that led to our continued efforts in achieving civil rights for all and our current work in disability justice. We are fortunate to have access to these stories!