Disability Art and Culture Project

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Isolation is super common after brain injury. It’s shocking how many individuals are isolated. This is why I love the support groups we have in the Portland area. We get out of the house, socialize, and see how we’re not alone in our post-brain injury experiences. But that only lasts 1 1/2 hours one day a month for each group. We have to do more!
As wonderful as it is to spend time with others with brain injury, being involved in Disability arts allows me to work and spend time with people with lots of different disabilities. There are only a few of us who identify as brain injured who do Disability arts in Portland. Well, folks with brain injury, let me invite you to a bunch of things! These events are for everyone, disability or not.

Inclusive Arts Vibe Dance Company fundraiser flyer. The flyer has a picture of the dancers digitally manipulated so the dancers are green and have green balls of energy jumping from their upraised hands. The text is in purple on white background, white on purple background, or black on yellow background giving details of the event.([This is a fundraiser to raise money for the professional dance company for youth and young adults with and without disabilities.)

This is arts for social justice, and it is very fine art. You can come to an event, participate, perform, whatever you like.

Flyer for Inclusive Arts Vibe Dance Company's spring recital called Home/Unrestrained. The background is a mass of gray, red, white, and black scribbles with a rough black border. There is a photo of the dancers striking a pose, which has been digitally manipulated to look like a drawing. Event details and event sponsors are listed on the flyer. (This is the awesome spring performance that the fundraiser is supporting. It sells out. Make a reservation!)

We also have an open life drawing class on the second Friday of every month. We are celebrating the beauty of the human body of any shape, size, color, ability, or identity, and we provide an accessible, safe space to draw, paint, and color. Our models do wear clothing at this time. Won’t you join us? It is so much fun. And there is so much joy in creating art with a group of fun-loving people.

Flyer for Disability Art and Culture Project's open art life drawing sessions. There is a small drawing of a woman in a wheelchair, leaning forward with her legs crossed. Colored rays emanate from her in all directions. Details of the art classes are listed.