Guest Blogger Michael Brewer on writing and hip hop

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I had a conversation with Michael recently about his writing. I stopped by to look at some stories and essays he’s written, but he couldn’t get to them because of computer problems. So he introduced me to his other love: writing hip hop lyrics. He has at least three songs talking about his experiences working at McDonald’s.

Michael is always working and practicing ways to get better since his brain injury decades ago, and he talks about that here. And then, there was an unexpected little twist to the conversation. What if you could both keep getting better and get your work out there just the way it is right now?!

“Michael: I have written on my computer basically all I’ve done since I’ve been here and then some of the stories from my past about what happened to me and where I come from. It’s a memory tactic. Helps me to remember.

About my lyrics? I wrote three parodies of old school rap songs.

Cheryl: Why do you like to write lyrics?

Michael: It helps me, my creativity. I’ve been in advertising ever since I left high school, and since it was by chance that I found McDonald’s. Or they found me.

Cheryl: Why do you like humor?

Michael: Humor is good for the soul. It’s helped me to get better. Each time I read over these lyrics, I’ve been timing myself to make sure I’m getting better. And I’m speaking to make it faster so I can be like a REAL rap artist.

Cheryl: Have you ever heard of Krip-Hop Nation by any chance?

Michael: Mm-mm.

Cheryl: Krip-Hop Nation is an international movement of musicians with disabilities.

Michael: Wow!

Cheryl: It’s mostly rappers and hip-hop artists with disabilities.

Michael: Wow.

Cheryl: With all different kinds of voices, all different kinds of speech.”

I just had to tell Michael about Krip-Hop Nation because it’s a place where you can be a thriving artist not despite your disability but with your disability. All of the Disability Arts projects I’ve been involved with over the years have that point of view. The more people know about it, the more people will recognize that this kind of art is not a fun therapy tool. It’s innovative, creative and awesome.