More behind the scene sneak peeks

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I’ve started posting lots of photos from our film shoots on Facebook at Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can visit that page anytime to see even more pictures, read posts, and have a look at other disability arts and disability justice topics that I share on the page!

We’ve been doing lots of filming recently. Here are just a couple sneak peeks behind the scenes for you to enjoy.

A smiling young Black woman with short hair and a blue sweat band sits outside. She has a white t-shirt with "I was born to ball" on it and iPod earbuds around her neck. [Dani spends some time at her favorite coffee shop, writing new rhymes.]

A young white man and woman play chess. Both people have their right elbows resting on the table with their heads resting on their own right hands.[Brandon and Nicki both ponder their next moves on the chess board.]