Stories from the brainreels: Guest Lady MJ Warrior

Listen to this post of Cheryl and Lady MJ Warrior chatting: 

On Friday, May 17th I’ll be chatting with Lady MJ Warrior, a Krip Hop artist from the UK.

A woman with blonde hair and a military helmet holds a microphone and points up and away with her other hand. She wears an army fatigue tankini, a blue wristband that says "artist", black tights, and tall, dark boots. The military helmet has "Lady MJ" on it in black and hot pink spray paint.

If you caught my radio show earlier this month, you heard me talk about how I’d told my guest, T. Alicka Hickman, the wrong day to show up. I didn’t want to make that mistake again. And since Lady MJ is calling from the UK, she had extra steps to get an account on Blog Talk Radio to use Skype to call me. We did a little test run this morning. She showed up right on time, and I didn’t notice her just sitting there on hold for who knows how long because I was sitting at my computer, doing something else. I forgot I was waiting for her to call, even though we’ve been in touch for weeks about it! She Facebook messaged me to wake me from my daze. Ah, the brain injury comedy just never ends. Here are some short snippets from our unscripted conversation. You can hear this conversation on the audio file at the top of this post.

“CHERYL: You know, when we do the real show on…Friday?

LADY MJ WARRIOR: Friday, yeah!

CHERYL: I will be on the correct website, and I won’t be distracted. And I’ll answer you right away.

LADY MJ WARRIOR: No worries. I didn’t know that you had any health problems. And I suppose you didn’t know that I did?

CHERYL: I first heard your music on the Ouch! radio show. And they talked about you having a head injury. And so I went online and looked you up. Even before I heard your music, I knew that you were a person with a head injury!

LADY MJ WARRIOR: For people that haven’t had a brain injury or a head injury, they just don’t understand because they’ve never experienced it themselves. Yeah, “Oh! I have a bit of a headache. So I understand.” That’s it!

CHERYL: I always ask people, “Would you go up to someone in a wheelchair and say ‘I twisted my ankle one time, and it hurt to walk for three weeks! I know how you feel!'” No one would ever do that to someone in a wheelchair.


CHERYL: But they do that to us all the time.

LADY MJ WARRIOR: Yeah. You know, it’s just that sort of pre-judgment like oh right, so you’re either in a wheelchair, or you have to have a cane to be a disabled person in society’s eyes.

People with head injuries and brain injuries, they can appear to be “normal,” you know, non-disabled. I really wanna sort of address that and hopefully open people’s eyes a bit more to the suffering that people have to go through. Yourself, you know how it is.”

And here is just a little bit about her in her own words if you don’t already know Lady MJ!

“My work has given me the opportunity to perform on MTV, BCC radio, festivals, shows, etc. I study and practice Classical singing. I sing and rap to many genres. I write my own lyrics covering a wide array of topics, mainly life experiences, political and challenging society’s mind about the “norm”. I recently started studying music theory and piano.

Krip hop Nation has changed my life and helped me grow as an artist and a person.

I love working on projects with disabled musicians because we can support each other through the good times and bad, which enables us to work together as a strong team.

Since a head injury I had 7 years ago, it changed my life overnight. I now have a rare condition called paroxysmal attack disorder/neurological functional movement dissociative disorder, (For more info go to www.neurosymptoms.orgwhich has left me with seizures and blackouts and many other symptoms such as being paralyzed for hours and trapped in a coma like state with extreme vertigo, dizziness, migraines, sickness, light and noise sensitive (but luckily only during an attack). It’s a pretty complicated condition and there are limited resources and only a few specialists in the world that know of this condition. It’s hard for me to have a structured day and routine as I never know when I will be unwell and how long it will last for but despite all this I am determined to recover from this condition. I have improved so much and I know I will continue to do so!

I have already had a massive reduction in my seizures so I know I can beat this!

Music has been my savior through the chaos alongside amazing friends who have adjusted their lives to take me to shows, studios, Drs., etc., as I am unable to go out alone safely because the attacks are so varied and can last so long. I believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to, with the right mechanisms!

I have been through many difficult obstructions in life, which has helped me grow as a person as well as an artist, aiding me in turning negative in to positive!

Other projects I have set up:

Disability + Positivity = Creativity 

STOP ABUSE! Women Warriors, Survivors, Angels and Heroes” 

Have a listen on Friday at 1:00 pm Pacific time for more conversation, Lady MJ’s music, and lots of brain injury and disability awareness.

Click here for an accessible transcript of podcast episode #003.