Working with Linda Chase from One Week Job

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I love to carry on about how easy it is to write comedy films and stand up comedy routines about my regular daily life. But one thing that’s hard for me to joke about is my new disorganization and inability to hang onto the bigger picture and the small details at the same time. I know I’m not the only one with a brain injury out there dealing with that. And dealing with it again the next day. And trying again to try to deal with it once again. The other thing is I can’t stay awake all day or stick to one task for very long. Both of those make overall organization hard.

And then, as if I had asked for her to just appear in my home, Linda Chase arrived on the scene with reassurance that she could help me get some things in order around the four films I’m making, launching my new business, selling my DVDs, setting up speaking engagements and trainings, running my radio show, and anything else? Surely there is something else. And if I can’t remember it on my own, Linda may be just the person to help me figure out where to write it down the next time it stops by my mind for a fleeting moment.

Linda has embarked on a very exciting, probably pretty nerve-wracking, journey of her own: she’s working one new job every week of the year! Read about Linda and have a look at her blog: And check out this short video that tells you a little bit about the project and about why Linda has chosen to dive in and do it.
So for this week, Linda will be my Arts Administrator. We don’t have a formal job description written out, but that’s ok. I’ve met Linda in person and seen how creative, compassionate, curious, and fun-loving she is. She’s also really organized. So this is going to be a very fun week. And unlike all my weeks that are busy, this one will be busy and productive!