Stories from the brainreels: Guest Brent Pudsey

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June is here, and in Canada that means Brain Injury Awareness Month! What is a Brain Injury Awareness Month anyway? I just realized I did not write a post about it on this blog when we had ours back in March. Hmm.

A lot of the awareness work out there focuses on distributing the most up-to-date information on how many people have a brain injury, causes, symptoms, consequences and medical costs. There is also an emphasis on the role of research, medical care and rehabilitation in all sorts of programs. Some groups include peer (survivor) stories and experiences of family, friends and care partners. Those stories might focus on the injury itself, impairments, and what kinds of supports peers want, need or have gotten. Here in town, I’ve screened my short comedies for Brain Injury Awareness events the past two years. That’s fun because after the screenings, folks in the audience can share their personal stories too.

Cheryl Green clasps her hands and smiles. On the wall is a movie theater screen. On the screen is the DVD menu for "Friending with Brain Injury!".

To celebrate Canada’s Brain Injury Awareness Month, Canadian Brent Pudsey will be joining me on “Stories from the brainreels” to talk about his advocacy work. While we have a lot of curiosity around how someone got injured and what’s “wrong” with them, I like to know what folks are up to these days and how a brain injury has changed what kinds of things they do. If you’ve listened to my previous radio shows, you might notice I like to ask folks if they were involved in disability or brain injury awareness before their brain injuries. I don’t ask what kind of wreck they were in or what type of stroke they had. I’m very interested in learning about how some people turn into proactive disability rights and justice activists after sustaining some type of brain injury.

Brent has worked with a regional Independent Living Resource Centre’s Speaker’s Bureau as well as the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work and the BUILT Network. Please tune in at 1:00 pm Pacific Time at Friday, June 7th to learn more about him and his work.

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