Kris Haas artist receptions and fundraisers

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I am remiss! I’ve been spending too much time posting, reposting, sharing, and super-sharing on Facebook around Kris Haas’s new fundraiser, that I did not remember to post about the newest update here. I believe in better late than never. Good thing, too.

You can read more about Kris’s online fundraiser and how cool it is for me to be able to bring the film crew to film her working on it in a blog post from May 12th. I’m very happy to report that her fundraising is doing well and has matching funds available. But I will be honest, the campaign could be doing a lot better. So Kris is stepping it up several hundred notches and hosting a few artist receptions where you can meet her, browse her art live (even touch it!), make your donation in person, and purchase art for your walls. There is no charge to come to the receptions. We want to see you there, and we want to enjoy watching you make your tax-deductible donation to this fabulous, innovative form of self-advocacy through the arts.

A flyer showing a grid of 50 square portions of Kris Haas's abstract paintings and the words "1 year 10,000 pieces 1 artist Live video streaming 24/7"

Here are the details of the receptions:

Brain Injured Artist Kris Haas’s new art project is taking the attributes of real time documentary, painting, and performance art and she is creating an environment that will help to bridge the gap between the artist, art, and viewer.

We believe that this project will be able to give us insights and details as to what goes on in an artist, as well as a person with a brain injury, daily life.

Art Show/Fundraisers

June 9, 2013 1:00 – 4:00 pm

June 22, 2013 1:00 – 4:00 pm

1220 SW Morrison #433
Portland, Oregon, 97205


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