Hope is Not A Plan Documentary

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Yesterday, we had a lovely time at the ADA Moving Forward celebration in downtown Portland. We talked about how far we’ve come and how far we have yet to go to achieve equity for disabled folks. But at least we have an ADA. Many countries have nothing like it.

I just learned today that in the mid 1990s, the Canadian government at the time promised a national Canadians with Disabilities Act. There still is not one. Disability is not considered a governmental priority. This conversation started as part of a campaign platform only a few years after our national act was passed. So where is their legislation?

If you are curious about how a lack of civil rights legislation for disabled people plays out in everyday life, please check out this documentary called “Hope Is Not A Plan”.  You can hear Paul Caune, co-creator, talk about why and how he made this film on the fabulous Hash It Out podcast with Jane Hash on March 3, 2013. Once DVDs are produced, all money from sales goes to the charitable organization the BC Association of Individualized Technology and Support for People with Disabilities, not the filmmakers. Please do watch the trailer below.

Hope Is Not A Plan – Trailer from Urban Sherpa Films on Vimeo.