Louise Mathewson: Author’s writing transformed by trauma

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I recently came across author and poet Louise Mathewson. You can find some of her TBI-related and non-TBI poetry on her website www.louisemathewson.com.

Here is the press release describing her new memoir, which shares the process and tools she used to recover after her severe traumatic brain injury.

"A Life Interrupted," Louise Mathewson, book cover has a person curled up inside a circle.

“A car accident shattered Minnesota author Louise Mathewson’s life almost a decade ago, sending her into a two-week coma. As she struggled to heal the traumatic brain injury and posttraumatic stress, writing poetry became her lifeline.

Mathewson’s new book, ‘A Life Interrupted: Living With Brain Injury’ (Pearlsong Press, October 2012), chronicles her recovery from the accident and shares the journaling therapy writing prompts and other resources she found helpful in transcending trauma. ‘A Life Interrupted’ speaks to all who face the daily physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of living with any life-changing physical or mental health condition, and the family and caregivers who support them.

‘Shattering, haunting, humbling and ultimately triumphant, this poetic memoir takes us deeper into a damaged brain and the courageous crawl back to a reclaimed life,’ says Kathleen Adams, LPC, director of the Center for Journaling Therapy and Therapeutic Writing Institute.

‘Language, once lost, returns to shimmer on the page…This collection will surely provide hope, identification, and voice for those who struggle with TBI, and those who love and serve them.’

The internationally published award-winning author of short stories, narrative essays, and poems, Mathewson has always written about the sacred moments in everyday experiences. Today those experiences hold even deeper meaning.

‘A Life Interrupted’ is available in original trade paperback and e-book from www.pearlsong.com, online retailers, and select independent bookstores. For more information visit www.louisemathewson.com.”