Criptiques Kickstarter fundraiser

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More fabulous artists Kickstarting! Check out a new Kickstarter campaign by activist, blogger, educator Caitlin Wood. Remember our fabulous, snarky PSA about disability called “Your Daily Dosage of Inspiration“? She’s taking this kind of social critique to a whole new level with her book, “Criptiques.”

A woman sits in a wheelchair. Behind her is a tapestry of birch trees. Text appears in white on the viewer's left saying "there's nothing else quite like this".

[caption: “there’s nothing else quite like this”]

The book, Criptiques, is an anthology of disabled writers exploring the provocative sides of disability: sex, ableism, identity, parenting, crip culture and more. Caitlin has written on disability representation in the media many times before. In a nutshell: you don’t see many disabled actors, models, or even characters in the media. When you do, it’s usually non-disabled people pretending to be disabled.
So rather than only focus on what prime time TV and Hollywood movies are up to (or actually, not up to), Caitlin has gathered a collection of essays where people with disabilities are telling their own stories in their own words. We are representing ourselves.

You will find authors like Leroy Moore, Lydia BrownElsa E. Sjunneson-HenryLeslie Freeman, William L. Alton, Caitlinme and many more.

Please visit her fundraising page at This is a tremendous asset to disability culture. And it will be a wonderful way to get the info out to folks who are new to disability culture too.