Calling Portland area actors who wanna fight me

Listen to this post: 

It’s not that I love a good fight. But I do somehow seem to get into them a lot. I don’t ever use brain injury as an excuse or say I’m not responsible for my behavior. Honestly, though? I do get into more fights since the tbi. And yes, usually I start them.

So if you’re in the Portland area–or can get here–on September 30th, you will have your chance to fight me back!

I’m collaborating again with Caitlin Wood on another satire. By now you’ve certainly seen our first PSA, inspiringly titled “Your Daily Dosage of Inspiration.” This new one is a little longer, maybe 15 minutes. I play a very cruel person in the film. She’s cruel because she refuses to respect the anyone else in the film. Kinda like Kathy Coleman‘s character in my last comedy short, “Friending with Brain Injury!“. Ah, sigh. In “Friending!” we didn’t fight back too much even though we clearly won in the end. In this new one, you will get to fight back. I can promise you now that my character won’t pay attention to what you say and do. All the more reason to show up and say it and do it. I do not encourage violence at this film shoot. Disobedience and artistic improvisation are welcome.

This is a cross-disability film. So you don’t need to have a brain injury to participate. I would prefer if everyone involved identifies as having an impairment or disability of some type. We don’t need to be able to see what it is, just so long as you know it’s there. On the flip side, you’re welcome to crip it up and bring all your and your friends’ durable medical equipment and assistive devices to liven up the place.

Filming Details:

Monday, September 30th 12:00 pm — 5:00 pm.

In Other Words Feminist Community Center at 14 NE Killingsworth on the #72 and 44 bus lines.

This is all volunteer, but I’ll give you snacks!

How to get involved:

Please email me at or call 503-432-3169 to get a copy of the script and talk about details and your access and accommodations needs.