ASL interpretation online for “Your Daily Dosage of Inspiration”

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You often hear how the internet is a boon to sharing ideas and information. People all over the world with a computer and a hook-up can reach into a constantly growing body of information if they have the money and access to these things. We know that some governments limit what their citizens can get. And sometimes if you use a public computer or a computer at work here, there are limits too. But let’s not forget a major way we limit access for some people that works right under our noses. Or right above our noses and to the left and right of them: good old-fashioned eyes and ears. For many people, the internet or some pieces of it are not accessible because we don’t take the time and energy to make them accessible and inclusive to everyone.

Have you ever seen one of those hilarious viral cat videos online with an audio description so that blind viewers know what’s going on? I haven’t. What about those super-charged artsy websites that artists and designers sometimes keep that are so filled with interesting animations and activity that a blind person could never access the site with a screen reader? How often do you find videos with captions? Videos with signed language interpretation?

Sure, it costs more money to have more access. It takes more time, more planning and more reflection. But I say, if you have the time and the money, let’s make more access. Access is not about extras, bonuses and special treats. Access refers to the bare minimum: can you get in and experience the planned experience with dignity.

So I went and hired an ASL interpreter, jett butterworth, to interpret the Caitlin Wood PSA “Your Daily Dosage of Inspiration“. I know it already had captions, which many Deaf and deaf people can access. But wouldn’t it be fun to reach out and provide the film in ASL, since that is many people’s native language?

Your Daily Dosage of Inspiration with ASL interpretation from Cheryl Green on Vimeo.

Huge thanks to jett for spending hours reviewing the video and choosing signs that translated the concepts so well. I know the film doesn’t yet have an audio description track. A version with an audio description track is coming too. So be on the lookout and listen for that version.