Guest Blogger Kris Haas on keeping an art studio organized

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We haven’t been filming very much this summer for the documentary. In case you wondered why all the posts are about other topics lately! I stopped by Kris’s apartment studio the other day. That space is under a cool transformation. She’s getting prepared to start her huge art project “1 YEAR, 10,000 PIECES, 1 ARTIST Live Streaming Video 24/7”. But she still has nearly all the pieces she created when she made over 10,000 original, highly unique pieces from November 8, 2008 to November 7, 2009. We chatted about having a studio sale or something fun to clear out the studio to make room for the new 10,000! The video below is a brief tour of her studio and piece of the conversation we had.

Pick up some of her art for yourself at and get digital downloads at There truly are 10,000 more pieces of art in her studio that you won’t find on her Etsy page or at! Drop me a line or comment below if you want to be in touch with Kris to see her studio work!