Weirdstock: Strangers and Aliens Festival in Tacoma

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Weirdstock. It’s coming. And it’s got a pretty cool name. Now, there are actually a lot of events around called Weirdstock, but I’m talking about the one coming up this weekend in Tacoma, Washington. The full name is “Weirdstock: Strangers and Aliens.” I wish I could go, but I’ll be at camp this weekend.

Here’s what this Weirdstock is made of: music, dance, art, compassion, and love. The event gives support to Compassion International, a Christian child advocacy ministry that works to release children from poverty, and HeadStrong For Life, who supports young people living with brain injury.

Poster is reds and grays with event details in black text. The background has a snow-capped mountain and a bridge. The event's title is written like graffiti on a brick wall.

Event details:

Kory Christiansen’s vision for music and art promoting unity started two years ago. Using sign language he named it Weirdstock.

Join us a for a night of celebration with music and dance performances by local artists.

Saturday, October 5th
6:00 to 10:00 pm
Destiny City Church
3102 S. 23rd Street
Tacoma, WA 98405

$5 Suggest Donation at the Door

Email for more information

And here’s why I find this event exciting: contrary to popular belief, people with brain injuries like to do fun things! Sometimes the idea is that people with brain injuries and disabled people are all about doctors’ appointments, rehab, searching for our identity, and looking for a job we can work or benefits (or a job we can work while keeping benefits).
We still like fun! Live music and dance aren’t my thing because my brain doesn’t make sense of noise and movement in a way that I get much enjoyment anymore. And I used to be a dancer AND a musician. What? But plenty of people do love music and dance. And for those in the Tacoma area, I hope you make it to this! Here’s to many more events with some celebration and some fun.