Cavin Balaster (Cavin Bounce) on Kickstarter with “Lights, Coma, Action!”

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Once again, I would love to invite you to Kickstarter so you can contribute to funding some new art and storytelling around traumatic brain injury. Cavin Balaster is on Kickstarter raising funds for his book “Lights, Coma, Action!”. Have a look at his page and his campaign video below.

Can I just ask you something before you watch it, though? Don’t you love this picture of him? Outside the disability community and disability arts, we rarely have the privilege of seeing someone with a disability exactly as they are. Mainstream media hides the variety of what disability really looks like by putting non-disabled actors in a “crip drag” get up who say, don’t need a tracheotomy to stay alive. And culture in general seems to want people who really look impaired to stay out of public view. (Or if you do come out, you’re told to not be offended when people either completely ignore you or stare at you.)

At the time of this photo, Cavin couldn’t breathe through his mouth or nose. He wore the eye patch to temporarily ease double vision until he got prism glasses. His friend didn’t wait until he looked more “normal” or more like his old self to photograph him. It was about documenting him just as he was at that moment. No reason to hide him away or be scared or try to ignore the way he looked. After all, he couldn’t ignore the trach or the eye patch, now could he?

A man with a beard, dark hair, a black eye patch, and a tracheostomy looks at the camera.
[Image description: A man with a beard, dark hair, a black eye patch, and a tracheostomy looks at the camera.]

Here are some more ways to check out Cavin’s work and his stories.

His blog is at You can find writing, videos, photos, and links to his music there.

To go directly to his music, check out

And if you want to hear his sense of humor, a conversation about the role music has played in his recovery, and more about his injury and recovery, please listen to my interview with Cavin this Friday, October 18th at 1:00 pm Pacific time. You’ll find him on the latest episode of Stories from the brainreels.

The Kickstarter campaign is already past 50% funding. Awesome! Give till it hurts, people!

Click here for an accessible transcript of podcast episode #010.