“The Tablet Shorts, Out” and giving a speech

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Today on my streaming radio show, “Stories from the brainreels,” I have special guest me. In my ideal world, all the episodes would feature one or more actual guests. That way we all get to meet more amazing people. But this week it felt important to have a little time to myself to tell you about some other film work I’m doing alongside this documentary. Here’s a short snippet of what you’ll hear about today on the show.

Premiere screening of a short film project I produced call “The Tablet Shorts, Out.” For the project, I worked one-on-one with three artists to create their own short films. The films were all shot on a tablet computer!

A flyer for the premiere screening of "The Tablet Shorts, Out." Flyer contains three images from the films and information on the screening. That text is also contained below the flyer. Flyer images: an image of a heart monitor with a black background and blue grid. There is a bright blue line with peaks representing one heart beat. Second is a close up of a man's eyes with dark eye make up. The image is very grainy and bright red. Third is a table of yellow and green zucchini, purple beans and broccoli at a farmers market.[Flyer text: “The Tablet Shorts, Out”: Short films made on a tablet by artists with brain injuries and disabilities. Premiere Screening:

Saturday, November 23, 2013
3:30 — 5:00 pm
Hipbone Studio at 1847 E. Burnside (on TriMet line #20)

Wheelchair accessible entrance in parking lot on NE 18th

Cost is $10. No one turned away due to lack of funds.

Please RSVP: 503-432-3169 (voice/text) or info@storyminders.com.

A creative project of StoryMinders funded in part by Regional Arts & Culture Council. Films are Closed Captioned and live Audio Described. Venue is wheelchair accessible.]

The other thing I’ll talk about on today’s show is my excellent fortune in being able to give a presentation with Dr. Rik Lemoncello–speech-language pathologist and professor extraordinaire–at the national speech-language pathology and audiology conference in a couple weeks. This is a new version of a presentation Rik and I gave with the wonderful speech therapist Lisa Stember last year at the state conference.

I will be kind of sad to be in Chicago in November. I really find anything under 85 degrees to be downright chilly. But I will be very happy for the chance to talk to a roomful of speech therapists about the importance of personal storytelling, following your patients’ choices of therapy goals, and breaking down stigma against brain injury disabilities. I’ll get to show them one of my films, “Cooking with Brain Injury,” and we’ll all have good a laugh at how impaired I used to be!

Please listen in today at 1:00 pm Pacific time and any time after that.

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