“Flo”: a documentary by Riley Hooper

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Here is a very cool short documentary I saw on The New York Times online called “Flo: Portrait of a Street Photographer.” I think it’s beautiful. I don’t love the short description of the film they have on their site. They say that in spite of her disabilities, she’s still a photographer. I know, I know. I’m so picky about words.

I might suggest that her disabilities offer her a unique perspective as a photographer. And I mean perspective in the abstract way that artists look at the world. Also, like photographer Kevin Michael Connolly, disability literally gives these two photographers a different physical perspective from many other professional photographers.

I see where they’re coming from when they say “in spite of.” I’m just hoping artists like these two help more people view disability and impairment as another feature of their lived experiences, not some horrific barrier that makes achievement an unexpected thing. People with disabilities achieve with their disabilities, not in spite of them. But you’ve heard me wax philosophical about that before. Onward with Flo.

Visit filmmaker Riley Hooper’s website to read a little more about the film and watch the trailer at http://rileymakesdocs.com/flo.