CrissCross Entrepreneurial Development Exchange Sessions for artists with disabilities

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More great stuff. Always with the more great stuff! I’ve posted about Lavaun Heaster a few times now about her art and about the short student documentary called “Paper Visions” that I made about her last fall. Lavaun has been dedicated to growing her own arts business as well as contributing to others. She’s donated art and taught papercutting workshops with Disability Art and Culture Project to support their work, for example. She serves on different commissions and committees that work on equity for a wide range of people and cultures. And now she’s starting a group where we can all share our ideas and experiences as entrepreneurs with disabilities.

Meetings will be held at Panera Cares Bakery. In December 2013, Panera Bread stopped supporting the organization Autism Speaks. Their official statement is that the decision is unrelated to the Boycott Autism Speaks campaign. Whatever their motivation, they made a decision that supports the personhood of autistic individuals. We love that!


Entrepreneurial Development Exchange Sessions

WHO: Cross disability – Cross Discipline – Artists – Performance Artists – Crafters – Writers wanting to start or grow a business

WHAT: Information exchange and learning session. This first session will focus on

– learning about everyone’s businesses or business ideas

– identifying resources

– sharing strategies

– lining up speakers for the future

WHEN: Friday, January 24, 2014 at 2:00 pm

WHERE: Panera Cares Bakery

4143 NE Halsey St. Portland

Across from Hollywood Transit Center next to Trader Joe’s

On bus lines 12, 75, 77 and near Red, Green and Blue MAX

For more information or to RSVP or call Lavaun Heaster 503-703-9983.

See you there!