Guest appearance on The Gene and Dave Show

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I recently had the excellent fortune of visiting my old friend, Gene Rodgers, while his co-host, Dave Dauber, was out of town. So I got to be on The Gene and Dave Show! Here’s how they describe what they do:
“A glimpse into the lives and lifestyles of people with disabilities through entertaining, interviewing, and informing; something we call Infotainment.”

“This one hour disability-focused TV show is aired on Channel Austin Public Access Community Television (PACT). Once a show is aired on TV, we archive it on our web page,”

They cover things like access, the ADA, employment, family, recreation, assistive technology, and so much more. Really, it’s a very well-rounded show because people with disabilities are well-rounded people. Access is a major priority for Gene and Dave. All of their videos are captioned, and you can also find typed transcripts of the videos. The website itself was created with accessibility in mind for users with various disabilities and different kinds of assistive technology.

Not surprisingly, after we turned off the camera, Gene and I discussed details of accessible filmmaking, the use of “handicapped” versus “disabled” versus “crip,” and other fascinating things. There’s no record of it, of course. So stay tuned. I’ll have Gene on my streaming radio show Stories from the brainreels in the future to see if we can’t recreate some of that conversation!

Please enjoy our conversation here, filmed in sunny, beautiful Austin, TX. There are real (non-YouTube generated) Closed Captions. Click on this sentence to open a text-only transcript of the video.