TOOST Radio (The Out of Step Tool)

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I wrote about the fabulous site back in November on this blog. They’re going strong and finding more and more folks with disabilities to post goods, services, and campaigns for everyone to browse. We’re showing quite well how labels and experiences like “disability” have nothing to do with “inability.” Good stuff!

In addition to the site, they also have a really cool streaming radio show, TOOST Radio. Because they’re so dedicated to accessibility, you can find a full, typed transcript for each episode on their site.  And you can check out the shows on YouTube, where the radio broadcast is played with Closed Captions.

In a time when people throw around terms like “disability friendly!” I’m so humbled and impressed with TOOST’s team for their focus on real access. Access is a critical step to getting to justice. And their emphasis on people with disabilities earning money through work–not passive, sad charity recipients–is another.

Speaking of disability friendly. I had the amazing privilege of being a guest on TOOST Radio Episode 5 “Too Politically Correct, Or Not Enough?” It was quite a thrill to share the microphone with Ashley Bernard, Lawrence Carter-Long, and Nikki Zimmerman (founder of TOOST).

Before the four of us came on, there was a brief interview with Troy Bellerud. It’s absolutely not to be missed. They talk about his brief stint as a play-by-play announcer for a Seahawks game. Sound funny? Well, he’s blind. So it was. Because he couldn’t see the game. Watch a video of that by clicking on this sentence. Please listen to his interview, because you’ll learn so much more about him than the fact that he’s blind.

I hope you’ll listen to Episode 5 (and all the other episodes). We may have answered some questions about politically correct language. I think we might have even raised more questions than we answered.

What’s your take? Person with a disability? Disabled person? Crip? Uniquely-abled?