Stories from the brainreels guest Craig Sicilia on TBI Survivors Network, Brain Injury Radio Network, and so much more!

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It’s that time of the year again, folks. Brain Injury Awareness Month starts soon. We get the spotlight for a month just like many other impairment groups, and building awareness in the community is imperative.

And now I say this:  Let’s move on from awareness. Let’s have acceptance. Understanding. And as Craig Sicilia said to me recently, appreciation.

What a sweet word and a wonderful idea. Appreciation. Usually BI Awareness Month events revolve around brain science, research, rehab, and stories around injuries and deficits. Well, over here at the WAITSI blog, we are promoting the awareness, understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of people with brain injuries. (Cuz we’re people, not brains in a jar!) The same goes for our care partners, friends and community.

This week on Stories from the brainreels, you’ll hear a pre-recorded conversation I had with one of the most prolific, well-connected brain injury advocates and activists I know:  Craig Sicilia. We covered so much ground that it would be more efficient for me to list the things here that we did not talk about: cats and engine repairs. And we didn’t talk about his fantastic music and his band Insane From Pain nearly enough!

Let me share with you some links (in no particular order) for how to hook in to the different things you’ll hear Craig describe on the show. Please note, Craig is not doing these things by himself. He’s extremely grateful for the community members who work tirelessly (or even when tired) to keep these projects thriving.

  1. Call The Brain Injury Peer Support Line at 855-4-PEER-11 (855-473-3711). If you have a brain injury and need to talk to someone else with a brain injury for support, this is your phone number 8:00 am — 5:00 pm.

Or visit their site for more info and links to amazing resources at

  1. Order an individual Brain Injury Survivor Identification Card here:

This is a very durable plastic card (unlike easily torn paper survivor cards) that is totally customizable with your info. It has a barcode linking to a personal webpage for additional, valuable information about you, your health, and your medical decisions, for example.

  1. Connecting the world one survivor at a time: Resources galore, tools, training manuals to start your own peer support group or make a plan for your future and more.

  2. Online support, socializing, and networking with peers from all over at:

  3. Call-in live radio shows hosted by brain injury survivors (or care partners) every night on the Brain Injury Radio Network at Craig regularly hosts shows along with around 25 other hosts who have their call-in shows.

  4. This snippet of a conversation between Craig and lawyer Gordon Johnson about how activists got the legislature to create a TBI Fund in Washington State:

  5. And this short PSA about finding a support group and keeping hope alive.

Click here for a typed, accessible transcript of podcast episode #017 p.