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National People With Brain Injury Acceptance and Appreciation Month was so jam-packed with events that I had to skip my 1st Friday of the month streaming radio show and move it to the 3rd Friday. This month, I’m talking with the dynamic and wonderful Marilyn Lash, President of Lash & Associates Publishing/Training Inc.

Maybe you’re not the kind of person to go out and buy training manuals about rehabilitation with people with brain injury. But you should still stick around! The beauty of Lash & Associates is that they really do have something for everyone. Here’s the tiniest of samples:

  • Tip cards on TBI and PTSD written in user-friendly language
  • Books in Spanish and English to help children understand brain injury, the importance of wearing a helmet, and how to cope with a parent’s brain injury
  • Cognitive rehab software and research-based workbooks and manuals
  • Books, booklets, blog posts and more written by peers with brain injury and care partners
  • A free electronic magazine called “Brain Injury Journey

Really, I could go on describing this fantastic company and their website, but I want you to get to the end of this post where I have some links! Because it’s so much more than just a publishing and training company. I hope you’ll tune in to the streaming radio show to listen to my conversation with Marilyn. She has a lifetime of personal experience and decades of professional experience with people with brain injuries. Yet she remains humble and grounded. And although I edited most of them out of the recording, she laughed genuinely at all my awful, sometimes inappropriate jokes and comments.

Please visit their website to see the supports and links to resources they have. And check out their blog at where peers with brain injuries really get to shine telling their stories, sharing struggles and triumphs and building community. If you have a brain injury and want to get your start as a blogger, this is a wonderful place to do it! You can hear Marilyn talk in detail about how Lash & Associates supports writers in her interview with Kim Justus on Brain Injury Radio Network from April 4, 2013.

Tune in on Friday, March 21st at 1:00 pm Pacific time or any time after that to hear me chat with Marilyn Lash on Stories from the brainreels.

Click here for an accessible transcript of podcast episode #018.