Stories from the brainreels: Guest Sarah Levis

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I’m very excited about this episode of Stories from the brainreels. It’s the first one I’ve done since leaving and switching to a podcast. The audio quality should be a lot better! Also, you can hear the file through the player at the bottom of this post or in iTunes or Stitcher. This one will show up out of order while I’m playing catch up to upload the past year of episodes. I’m also excited because my guest is the extremely awesome Sarah Levis who blogs as I mean, just look at this fabulous logo from her website.

girlwiththecanelogo [Image description: A light blue background. “girl with the cane” is in all lowercase, sans serif font in blue and gray. The i in girl is dotted with a white daisy. Next to the words is a blue-green square. Inside it is a white cane with the same daisy at the tip of the cane’s handle. So cute!]

It’s not that Sarah is relentlessly cheerful or that her life is full of daisies. It’s just that she’s making this cane her own, decorating it with whatever damn flair she wants to. Because it’s part of her and her life, after all. Why not decorate it?

Sarah is primarily a writer. If you can’t get enough of her work on the blog, check out more at and read her work on the unendingly fabulous Ollibean. On that site, you can find blogs and articles on various topics, book recommendations, ASL videos (and I mean videos with ASL interpretation and also music videos in ASL) and so much more.

Have a listen to the podcast and learn more about Sarah’s relationship to disability (which goes way, way beyond the fact that she’s had two strokes and brain surgery), her work in disability services both before and after becoming disabled herself, and what language and respect mean to her. It’s a delightful conversation. Enjoy!

Click here for the accessible transcript of podcast episode #023.