Guest Appearance on Hash It Out With Jane

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Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of being a guest on the vibrant, exciting podcast called Hash It Out With Jane, a podcast I’ve written about before on this blog. It was a huge honor to be on the show. I’ve listened to almost every episode she’s done. I’m so impressed with the variety of guests and topics she addresses and the panache with which she conducts her interviews. In addition, Jane is an unstoppable activist around independent thought, disability rights, personal responsibility, social consciousness, legalization, and natural health care. She’s made a documentary, runs blogs and podcasts, and is, like me, a Libra and a lover of cats.

I know I just said I was a guest on her podcast, but below you will find a different episode. This is called “Epic Fail: MyCare Ohio.” Jane talks with filmmaker Dominick Evans about the ways in which bureaucracy and ableism recently collided more than usual in Ohio. It led to Personal Care Assistants working for weeks on end without pay. Folks who do not use Personal Care Assistants, let me tell you something: PCAs are not there for fun, just helping out with this and that. Their work is unquestionably critical to supporting disabled people’s lives, health, well being, and ability to participate in their own lives. The work is difficult and necessary. When PCAs don’t get paid, they either have to leave their disabled clients in bed permanently (which can lead to death for many people), or they have to give up on paying their own bills and lose their homes so they can support their clients for no pay. Please first listen to the episode below on the MyCare Ohio disaster.

And now you can listen to my 3-part conversation with Jane. But please only listen if you can handle a lot of cussing, adult content, and extreme sarcasm. I’m serious about that. We are very impolite some of the time. We cover everything from my disability discrimination by a major airline to PC language to comedy for activism. I’ve put Part One here in the post. Be sure to visit her site to get the other two. And you can subscribe to Hash It Out With Jane on iTunes like I do!