A Simple Brain Injury Support Group

Listen to this post:

A Simple Brain Injury Support Group is having a fundraiser on the GoFundMe website to assist them in their new transition to becoming a full 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Here’s what the money from the fundraiser goes to:

The 501(c)(3) documentation is expensive but will allow the organization to apply for grants to build the resource center we have planned to make for peer, family and group counseling face to face, walk-ins and online. Most of us peers are disabled and on a fixed income so we have to reach out to the public for donations to pay for the legal counsel and the IRS documentation submission.”

This kind of community-based crowd-funding is awesome, and it’s especially cool to raise funds online because you can reach people from all over. For example me, finding this New Jersey group. And now I’m sending them along to you!

Let me tell you just a few of the things that make A Simple Brain Injury Support Group (ASBISG) awesome:

-They provide brain injury education, peer counseling, and crisis intervention techniques to children and adults with neurological conditions and their family members

-They hold events and meetings and sell brain injury awareness apparel that raises money for the organization

-They focus on helping people with neurological conditions to handle societal pressures, misinterpretations, and bullying

If you know me, you know that I am in support of anyone who will openly acknowledge that misinterpretations, pressures, and bullying are constant occurrences  in the brain injury community as we interact with the non-brain injury community. And these things take a huge toll on a person, especially as someone is trying to understand their new self and how to interact with the world as a changed person. I’m all for rehab, but I’m very, very much for peer-led groups and organizations that provide the space to deal with the difficulties of impairments, microaggressions, discrimination, misunderstandings, and the despair these can lead to.

I hope you’ll visit the A Simple Brain Injury Support Group‘s website and see what they’re up to. Then, contribute some money to their fundraiser to help them become anything but a simple group.