Jennifer Pepin and Chris Foster on Stories from the brainreels

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This month, I’m adding a couple more podcasts to my feed so that you can listen on Stitcher and iTunes to the interviews I’ve had the privilege to conduct over the past couple of years. I’ll also be adding a new one. It’s an interview I recently did with Jennifer Pepin and Chris Foster who run the J. Pepin Art Gallery in NW Portland’s Gallery District. I wrote about them and their gallery on July 22nd on this blog. They do amazing work in support of artists with mental illness, as artists who experience mental illness and stigma themselves.

I interviewed them to help celebrate the gallery’s one year anniversary! That’s a very exciting milestone for them. And it goes to show that the work they do is very needed, and the art they show is fantastic. Jennifer herself is this month’s featured artist with her new show, “Re-lease.”

One story in the podcast is about how Kris Haas, from this documentary, discovered the J. Pepin Art Gallery one evening when we were with the crew filming her. It’s a really magical story. You’ll also get to hear the wonderful reasons why this gallery was started.

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If you’re in Portland please drop by the J. Pepin Art Gallery for their anniversary reception as part of the monthly First Thursday Art Walk.

Thursday, September 4th, 2014
J. Pepin Art Gallery
319 NW 9th Ave.
5:30 – 8:30 pm
Near #77 bus line and Portland Streetcar

And on September 7th, you won’t want to miss a very special artist demonstration and lecture by Evan Orlando who shows at J. Pepin. Space is limited for the demonstration. Please RSVP by email at or phone at 503-274-9614.

Sunday, September 7th, 2014
2:00 pm

This is a gallery with magnificent art worthy of collections and museums. They also stand for a very much needed cause of reducing stigma against people with mental illness. Please have a visit. Let the art and the stories soak in. And then come back for another visit in a month, when new works will be on the walls!

Click here for an accessible transcript of podcast episode #024.