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Time management. Really, in the scheme of the universe, is it that important? Ok, it is, it is. I just continually forget that I’m supposed to figure out how to have it.

So today, I bring you an old podcast episode that was up on blogtalkradio for more than a year but never managed to get its own post here like the others. Better late than never. This is a conversation I had with Caitlin Wood back in summer of 2013. We talk about this super-fun film that we made together, somewhat on a whim. It’s called “Your Daily Dosage of Inspiration.” And look! It’s below. With captions.

We also discuss the anthology she was planning to edit at the time called “Criptiques.” It would have been innovative enough as it was. But now it’s the paperback book and e-book, and also a website with some films on it (and many more to come), a blog, swag, and a podcast.

Caitlin is on this podcast a couple times. And I’m even on the Criptiques podcast and blog. We’ve done a lot of teaming up and hope to continue well into the future so that she and I can continue critiquing media and culture. We also like being media makers who contribute to the growing body of work produced by disabled people for everyone to enjoy.

Electronica music you hear on this podcast was written and recorded by Caitlin.

Click here to view the accessible transcript of podcast episode #008.