Stories from the brainreels guest William Greer and the Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival

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October is here, and we know what that means. The Coalition of Texans with Disabilities’ Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival is back for its 11th year over in sunny Austin, TX! To celebrate the occasion, festival Coordinator William Greer is my guest on the Stories from the brainreels podcast. He’ll talk about the history of the festival, advocacy and legislative work, media representation of disability in the movies, running in the Boston Marathon, and of course some of our special brand of brain injury humor.

This is much more than just a film festival. A few exciting additional things are the fantastic guests and partners taking part in the screenings. On Friday, October 17th, VSA Texas will cohost romantic comedy “Musical Chairs“. Aaron Beelner, star of “The Little Tin Man“, will join Cinema Touching Disability in person to present the film and answer audience questions on Saturday, October 18th. Also that night, Teal Shearer, co-creator and star of “My Gimpy Life” will Skype in for a discussion about her show and working as a performer with a disability in Hollywood. What a fantastic opportunity to get to talk with performers with disabilities who are getting some great work out there. I wish I could be there! And if all of that isn’t enough fabulous art and media in the disability community, the winners of the short film competition will be screened as well.

And a tiny little gem I’m really proud of will be part of the festival. Alamo Drafthouse has a long, well-known history of cracking down on talkers and texters. They’re famous for their “Don’t talk or we’ll throw your ass out” series of funny PSAs. I got to make the festival’s “Don’t talk” PSA this year. It’s got a great disability twist to it, re-examining access, accommodations, ableism, audism, and the notion that disabled people aren’t fragile. If we’re too loud, you can kick our asses out, too! I’ll post that piece after the festival so they can debut it there.

Keep your eye on Channel Austin community media. They’ll be playing a really nice variety of highlights including some finalists and runners up from previous years’ festivals on their website and on cable access TV. Check the Who Am I To Stop It Facebook page for more updates on what Channel Austin will be playing and when!

Because this is a disability film festival, you can expect great access and accommodations. All the films being shown are captioned, and audio description will be available.

Cinema Touching Disability
Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar
1120 S Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78704

Friday, October 17th and Saturday, October 18th
6:00 – 9:30 pm

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