Who Am I To Stop It on Kickstarter

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A drawing of a pale-pink brain reshaped into the shape of a heart.How much would you love to have a sticker that looks just like this? (Or your very own 10-pack of them?)

[Image description: A drawing of a pale-pink brain reshaped into the shape of a heart.]

All you have to do is pop on over to www.kickstarter.com/projects/807526735/who-am-i-to-stop-it. Check out the various giving levels. Several of them come with a sticker of the brainheart that you can stick onto any surface that’s currently lacking in things stuck to it. It’ll remind you to love your brain. Or it will put thoughts of love into your mind. Or, perhaps it is a maze. If you discover that it’s, in fact, a solvable maze, a major Facebook and blog shout-out to you!

What we’re doing is what many, many, and many more independent filmmakers do: seeking community support and backing for our work. The beauty of producing your own film is that no company or station can tell you what your art should look like or what story it should tell. But it also means that you have to hit the pavement for the dough. We’ve written many grant proposals and are eagerly awaiting the results of those. In the meantime, we will move forward, and we need your support to do so!

Unending thanks to all of the generous donors who provided us with the funding to shoot the entire documentary over the course of two years. See who they are by visiting our Supporters Page.

Kickstarter is all or nothing funding. That means you promise a pledge during the month of October. (Your credit card will not be charged until the campaign ends.) When we meet or exceed our minimum goal, all the pledges come in. If we don’t meet our goal, we receive none of the money, and your card is not charged. So it’s a big leap!

Whether you’re in a position to give financially or not, please do share this post or the Kickstarter link with anyone and everyone. We’re also happy to sign up corporate sponsors. Thank you so much for your support of disability art!