Jane Hash Mini-cast about disability documentary

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Nothing says support like, well, support! Today I offer you a special mini-cast where I talk with blogger, podcaster, and activist Jane Hash of the Hash It Out With Jane podcast. In addition to being in competition with Jane for  title of the world’s fiercest cat lover and best Libra ever, I desperately adore her and her work. If you don’t already to subscribe to Stories from the brainreels on iTunes or Stitcher Radio, you might want to! You’ll get automatic updates each time a new–or old–episode is released. I mention it now because Jane will be back on the podcast early next year for a longer, more in-depth interview.

For today, Jane and I talk about what makes a solid disability documentary and what are some of the tropes and stereotypes some filmmakers who are unfamiliar with disability experiences might fall into. We compare her film “Plain Jane:  The Shockumentary” to “Who Am I To Stop It” looking at how people with disabilities are portrayed, especially when the filmmaker is also disabled.

I won’t lie:  there’s a bit of adult language in this episode. If you’re sensitive to that, this might not be your episode. If you’re not too sensitive to it, get ready for a fun ride. And please do consider supporting the Kickstarter campaign for “Who Am I To Stop It” by either donating a dollar or more, or sharing the link to the campaign with your contacts.

Click here for an accessible transcript of podcast episode #026.