Portland Commission on Disability Tagline and Logo Contest

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I’m not actually on the Portland Commission on Disability, but I do a bit of volunteering to help with outreach and event planning like for the past two years’ City ADA anniversary celebrations. I’ve also worked with Lavaun Heaster, one of the Commissioners, on a short film about youth and young adults who are involved in civic engagement in Portland. That will be out early next year. Stay tuned for that! I wanted to pass along this opportunity to get involved and support PCoD’s work in fun contest form!

The Portland Commission on Disability (PCoD) is hosting CONTEST in the community to come up with our new tagline and logo to celebrate Disability Employment Awareness Month in October, 2014.

Our mission is to guide the City in ensuring that it is a more universally accessible city for all.

PCoD invites you to submit up to 3 ideas for our new tagline.

Rules of the contest:

  • This contest is open to ALL members of the commission and public. No information about the composer will be provided to the judging panel.
  • The panel will be composed of PCOD commissioners who have not submitted an entry and City of Portland partners
  • You may not share your entry ideas with any judges to prevent judging bias. Judges will disqualify any submission that are previously known to them.
  • Only 3 entries per person
  • Entries must be received by midnight Friday, October 31st
  • All entries must be 10 words or less

The winner will receive:

  • One $50 gift card to Fred Meyer
  • Your name and photo on the Portland Commission on Disability website and Facebook page
  • An opportunity to be interviewed on local disability culture podcast “Stories from the brainreels”

Once we have the new tagline chosen, we will open a logo design contest!

For more information on the Commission, the Commissioners, the City of Portland program we are part of and our community work, visit




Please SEND YOUR SUBMISSIONS to admin@portlanddisability.com .

For questions about the contest, please contact admin@portlanddisability.com or Commissioner Heaster at 503-703-9983.

I’m likely to be one of the judges for the tagline contest. So don’t tell me what you’re planning on submitting! I know that PCoD is super interested in having the community involved in this contest, whether you’ve volunteered with the Commission before or not. Check out the website and Facebook page, sharpen your pencil, and show us your snappy tagline magic!