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Caitlin Wood and I had a wonderful time presenting at the Lewis & Clark 34th Annual Gender Studies Symposium. The symposium organizers worked to ensure that a good deal of disability access was available, especially on this old campus with cobblestone sidewalks (eek!). One thing they hadn’t anticipated was Closed Captioning for videos that presenters might play or for the video recordings of the keynote speakers. Unlike most people I talk with about this, Kim Brodkin at the symposium was not defensive, aggressive, dismissive, or irritated when I brought it up. In fact, she needed no convincing at all once I pointed out the oversight. She promptly had the symposium hire me to caption the keynote speakers. It’s an outstanding response all around. Those videos will be up on Lewis & Clark’s website as soon as I’ve captioned them.

In the meantime, they allowed me to record my own session. It was important because several Portland-area folks told me they couldn’t attend because of access issues ($4 parking or very long and not-well-timed bus rides, cobblestone sidewalks, getting lost on the campus, having different speakers present in different buildings which required getting up and going back and forth at times). So here it is.

This wasn’t the most radical version we could present. At the same time, we didn’t coddle any non-disabled audience members the way those video campaigns go where disabled people attempt to make non-disabled people feel more comfortable around them. You know, cuz disability is just so dang awkward! Of course you don’t know what to do! Have a mint and feel better knowing that none of us knows what to do when a cripple dares to come out in public!

None of that for us. Our talk was straight-forward, at times very silly (because it was Caitlin and me), and hopefully sheds some light on how feminism can become inclusive of disability rights and justice. We looked at some intersections of disability, race, and gender but not all of the possible intersecting identities for two reasons. One is that we didn’t have much time to present. And two is that we wanted to be careful to not talk about a lot of things outside of our direct understanding and experience as white women.

This is the typed, accessible transcript of the presentation and podcast episode #031. And this is a set of timelines we passed out during the discussion section.

This is an accessible pdf of our PowerPoint, a small version best for viewing on the computer.

Below is the Closed Captioned video with a small version of the PowerPoint visible in one corner. (All images in the slides are audio described during the presentation.)

Cripping Capitalism: Disability, Feminism, and the Controversy of Work from Cheryl Green on Vimeo.

The media player below is an audio-only podcast version of the presentation.