Stories from the brainreels Mini-cast Story 1

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Today’s blog post and podcast will be very, very short. I’m introducing a new segment on the Stories from the brainreels podcast where I just bring on one storyteller to tell a short story. Since I’m just starting this segment, the first story will be by me. And in the future, I’ll have a variety of other storytellers with different disability identities and disability experiences.

One thing you are not likely to hear is stories about what’s wrong with you? How did it happen? How did you get to be that way? Those are not the kinda story this segment will focus on, although there may be some details here and there in different people’s stories, depending on what they need to get their story told. But I feel like a lot of people demand to know the history and the medical details and the ooey-gooey stuff of people’s disabilities when really, disability isn’t just about some kind of a medical condition or a deficit or really something that can be reduced to just a list of details or a list of symptoms. I like to focus on the fact that disability a political stance, it’s a culture, it’s an identity.

And while there may be hard times or impairments or deficits, there are also so many other sides to a disability experience. Just as many sides as any other identity you could think of.

They’re all deep and rich and contain many, many stories.

So that’s what we’ll be looking at in the Stories from the brainreels story segment.

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