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This month’s podcast is extra jam-packed with fascinating people. I’ve got four folks who are all part of the non-profit Brain Energy Support Team in University Place, Washington. I go to their website so often that all I do is type “b” on my keyboard, and the address fills itself in. Silly as that might sound, it’s not surprising. This peer-led organization exists to fill in the gaps the brain injury community faces after acute hospital care. This is everything from peer-run support groups to social activities to sewing group to peer-run training programs and training for support group facilitators. They also do tons of work in connection with the TBI Network. In their support of the brain injury community, that also always includes family and care partners. It’s everyone, really. Whoever wants to be part of the family is welcome.

You can visit their online calendar to see when different classes, groups, and activities are going on at their space. They have a super cool program called Stitching It Up, which actually existed even before they had their own office and community space. This is a group of quilters and sewers who make beautiful works of art that are all for sale. And that’s a big deal because a lot of people are under-employed or unemployed after brain injury. Having an outlet to make and sell your work is just one more way BEST is filling in gaps. They’re even giving a presentation on healthy eating to support your brain at Marlene’s Market and Deli in Federal Way on August 27th as part of the store’s brain month series of events. They cannot be stopped!

I have so much great stuff to say about these folks that I just can’t narrow it down. But honestly, I think my four podcast guests really say it all.

Visit BEST at and 2607 Bridgeport Way W 2G in University Place, Washington. Contact them at 1-877-719-BEST and if you’re looking for support or ways to give back to your community after a brain injury.

Enjoy my conversations with costumer Ellen Krawiecki, Board member Jeff Hartson, Gratitude Specialist Diane Rasch, and Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Penny Condoll.

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