Stories from the brainreels guests Theodore James and AJ Murray of “Becoming Bulletproof”

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You’ve seen them before on this blog, the folks who made “Becoming Bulletproof.” Now you can have a listen to Producer Theodore James of SuperFilms! (TJ) and documentary film star AJ Murray on the podcast. I’ve been working with their Impact Campaign team, and we thought a great and fun way to get more people into the fold would be to hear directly from them instead of only me on this blog.

If you’re asking what on earth a film impact campaign is, it’s this: for a movie that’s intended to be more than entertainment, you want it to have an impact on society, to lead to some change. So they launched a campaign to use the film as a springboard into a lot of great conversation: getting more disabled actors and filmmakers into the industry, stressing the need for affirmative and accurate disability portrayals onscreen, and facing accessibility barriers to the film industry head on. If you’ve been following this blog and podcast for a while, you know that media for impact is right up my alley, and amplifying the work of artists with disabilities is, well, my alley. So that’s why I joined their team and why I’m so happy to have you join TJ and AJ for our conversation about the film!

“Becoming Bulletproof” premieres on September 25th in New York City. Just before that, a bunch of the cast and crew will be on an RV tour of the Northeast, screening the film for some community organizations and attending talk-backs. I wish I could be in that RV. It’s going to be a really fun trip.

Check this page on their website to see if the film is coming to your city or town in a film festival. If it’s not, then visit their site to get your community together to bring it at a movie theater near you.

Click here for a transcript of podcast episode #040.