Stories from the brainreels Mini-cast story 2: Jackie Pilgrim

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Story time!

This is Part 2 in the new storytelling segment on the Stories from the brainreels podcast where storytellers do their own thing rather than have an interview. In the first story, you might have noticed disability wasn’t the focus but rather a background detail to my experiences. That’s on purpose. A lot of people expect that when a disabled storyteller gets onstage, we’ll hear the following: name, diagnosis, challenges, how I overcame them and/or thrive anyway, and wrap up. This segment is here to present you with other ways of storytelling from the disability community.

I don’t think it’s coincidence that my second storyteller, Jackie Pilgrim, opted to tell animal stories as well. She didn’t listen to mine first. Even though our stories are very different, she and I have long talked about our connection to animals and how our neurological makeups (mine acquired, hers from birth) play a role in how we relate to and think about animals. This is something she goes into in her storytelling on today’s episode. The chicken in my story didn’t have a name. (It had a name, just not in my story. I don’t remember it.) But in Jackie’s you will get to meet–and fall in love with–her chicken, Susan and Susan’s companion, Champ.

Jackie is a prolific blogger and storyteller, a mother, and a good friend of mine. I so appreciate her taking the time to record these stories. She has had so many amazing animal companions in her life that the stories will be broken up into multiple episodes. So if you like today’s installment, stay tuned for more animal stories!

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