Disability and feminism on KBOO’s Bread and Roses

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Caitlin Wood and I had the great pleasure of being guests on KBOO Community Radio’s Bread and Roses show just last night. What’s that show, you ask?

“Bread and Roses is a collective of women identified radio activists. We offer feminist public affairs programming. We give voice to those working for social justice and equity, globally and locally. We strive to challenge systems of oppression. All this, and we have fun!

Bread and Roses highlights the achievements of women artists, activists, athletes, scholars and innovators.We strive for programming excellence and collaborative efforts, providing access and training to women.”

Thank you enormously to host Delphine Criscenzo, engineer Kris DeMaria, and the whole Bread and Roses Collective for making our guest appearance possible, for signal-boosting the show, and for your dedication to intersectional, anti-oppressive feminist activism. On the radio!

You can stream the episode or download it from the KBOO Bread and Roses Episode Archives. KBOO.fm/BreadandRoses.

Find the accessible transcript by clicking this sentence.