Updates from the brainreels and TBI as social justice issue

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This month we’ve got a short mini-cast for you instead of the regular, full-length interview-cast. What I’m talking about today, though, are a few affirmative ways that some people and agencies are turning around the way we handle–actually, I mean to say “don’t handle”–mild TBI and concussion. The stories in today’s episode all start with something ranging from extremely annoying (my stories) to utter tragedy that may never abate (young athletes who died). The energy that comes out of these situations to attempt social change is powerful. I don’t describe the injuries in detail, but I link to articles that do in more detail in the transcript. The transcript also has links to everything I mentioned in the episode around TBI and domestic violence, TBI and sports, and legislation.

In the meantime, I want to leave you with a new resource. Some of what I talk about in the episode deals with youth sports concussion. If you’re a youth or know one, send them on over to this site called ConcussedTeen. Teen athlete Alex Hornick runs it. It looks like some sections of the website are under construction, but it’s really nice, and Alex tweets great stuff all the time. I recommend some visits to her site or her Twitter @ConcussedTeen. And take good care of yourself.

Click here for an accessible transcript of podcast episode # 043.